Quilpie Shire

Welcome to the Quilpie Shire! A stunning Outback region in South West Queensland that is steeped with a rich pioneering and prehistoric history and an abundance of birdlife and natural wonders that is sure to entertain the whole family!

Quilpie Visitor Information Centre, Museum and Gallery

Make your first stop the Quilpie Visitor Information Centre, Museum and Gallery, located in the main street of town. The friendly local staff are extremely
knowledgeable about the area and can help you make the most of your visit to the region. Don’t forget to ask about the exciting day trips to surrounding towns. While you’re there, catch up with friends and family by accessing the free wi-fi , and take a wander through the Shire Gallery and Museums. The museum features an interactive display of the Quilpie Shire’s remarkable pioneering history. Don’t miss amazing exhibitions in the regional gallery from both local and travelling artists. Finally head outside and follow the path to the Military History and Railway Museum, once the old Cheepie Railway Station.

Visit the Powerhouse Museum which still has one of the original diesel engines and the Airport Mini Museum where you can learn about the old Woolscour that once stood on the site or about famous aviatrix Amy Johnson who landed in Quilpie on her solo trip from England to Australia.

St. Finbarr’s Church

Quilpie Shire is famous for boulder opal and it is celebrated in the most magical of ways with the opal altar, lectern and font at St. Finbarr’s Church. The church is always open and is a must to see while in Quilpie.

Baldy Top and Table Top Lookouts

Travel 7.5km from town and you will find Baldy Top and Table Top Lookouts. Just a short stroll to the top will give you a magnificent panoramic view of the area, giving you an insight into the remoteness of the region. If you’re a budding photographer, be sure to be at the top at sundown and capture a spectacular outback sunset!

National Parks

National parks are plentiful in the Quilpie Shire and the stunning Hell Hole Gorge National Park is scenically attractive and provides opportunities for camping and related activities such as 4WDing, hiking, birdwatching, swimming and photography. You can make all your Queensland National Park bookings at the Quilpie Visitor Information Centre.

Nature Trails

Just 6km from Quilpie is the beautiful natural Lake Houdraman, a real oasis for locals and visitors alike. Have a picnic under the shady river red gums lining the bank or take a walk and spot some of the unique birdlife that calls this lake home.

Fossicking for Opals

Quilpie is the world’s largest producer of boulder opal. Try your luck at the free fossicking area on the outskirts of town. No permit is required here – you could strike it lucky with your own piece of opal. Fossicking for opals at designated fossicking fields, however, does require a current fossicking permit. These can be obtained from the Quilpie Mining Registrar or online. The Duck Creek and Sheep Station Creek designated fossicking areas are located 40km from Toompine.


Adavale is the oldest town in the Quilpie Shire and is located 96km north of Quilpie. It was once the central town of this area and plays an important part in the history of the Quilpie Shire. See the Outdoor Museum and the Police Hut Museum to learn about some of their intriguing history. Community spirit and town pride are strong in this tiny outback town so call into the Adavale Pub and have a chat to the locals about the history and stories of the Adavale area.


Eromanga is 108km west of Quilpie and is famous for being the furthest town from the sea in Australia. This part of the world has also become known for a significant discovery of dinosaur bones and home to the largest dinosaur found in Australia … “Cooper”. The Eromanga Natural History Museum runs tours daily, a must for all dinosaur enthusiasts. While you’re in town, visit the Object Theatre to hear stories told by locals and get a feeling for the rich history of this outback town.

The Royal Hotel is the keeper of the key for entry into the Object Theatre and also has some tourist information available. The mud-and-brick structure was one of the original buildings of the Cobb and Co route and opened its doors in 1885 … so even if you’re not planning to stay the night, call in for a drink so you can toast the longevity of this little outback town. A self-guided walk with interpretive signage of the historic sites is a good follow-up to your visit to the theatre.

Eromanga Natural History Museum

Eromanga Natural History Museum, a fenced 167ha reserve just 3km from Eromanga, is a site dedicated to prehistoric preservation. The original find, Cooper, provided a phenomenal starting point as it was the largest dinosaur found in Australia to date and the first titanosaur of its kind ever discovered.

Add to the original finds exciting megafauna and flora and there’s more than enough to keep you enthralled during the hour-long tour which is offered at the centre and which brings an amazing timeline to life right before your eyes—100 million years in 60 minutes.

The search for dinosaur bones is continuing, with digs scheduled from May 9 to 21. Numbers are limited, but tagalong tours will also be available. Two one-week
megafauna digs are planned from August 9 to 15 and August 15 to 21. Learn how to dig up Eulo megafauna, the mega beasts that arrived after dinosaurs became extinct, with an expert team to guide you through the stages of fossil preservation and excavation.

Think you’d like to linger longer? A new six room guest house, aptly named ‘Cooper’s Country Lodge’, is available for your stay. It features air-conditioned, self-contained, semi self-catering accommodation, with a newly built commercial kitchen and a guest lounge for guest convenience. While staying on site you can join the Museum team and get your hands dirty as well as enjoying the fresh air and star filled night skies, not to mention the new friends you’ll make.


Situated 80km south of Quilpie is Toompine, known locally as ‘the pub with no town’. Once a bustling town serviced by Cobb and Co coaches, the settlement dwindled until now all that remains is this quaint little pub. Toompine is full of character, check out the blue tractor up a tall pole and discover why the local Cemetery is called the ‘Cemery’. Toompine is a great stopover for an outback
experience you will never forget.


Cheepie is the smallest of the Quilpie Shire towns with a population of just one. For a short time from 1914, Cheepie was the railhead from Charleville and at its peak was a hive of activity. Take a detour between Charleville and Quilpie and take a step back in time to this once flourishing town.

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Visitor Information

Quilpie Visitor Information Centre
Phone (within Australia) 07 4656 0540

Quilpie Shire Events

May 3 — “A Palate of Pastels” Exhibition Opening
May 4 — Quilpie Cup
June 29-30 — Quilpie Polocrosse Carnivale
July 20-21 — Nockatunga/Toompine Polocrosse Carnival
August 30 — Samantha Meurant Exhibition
September 3 — Kangaranga Do Street Party
September 14 – Quilpie Show & Rodeo
September 27-28 — Quilpie Pride of the West Festival
November 15 — Christmas in the Gallery Exhibition Opening


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