Mount Surprise

Mt Surprise lives up to its name

Mt Surprise was named when a loud pioneer party surprised a group of Aboriginal people who were resting at the base of the mountain in 1864. Ever since, Mount Surprise has been surprising and delighting visitors with its wealth of history, gems, natural beauty and unusual landscape.

Mt Surprise

Military Heritage

In Mount Surprise itself, see military airstrips from the second world war and visit the railway station display. Wander through town and read the heritage signs. Also, see the Anzac Memorial – a pink granite rock – in the community park. It’s also a good spot for a barbecue.


For a hands-on attraction, try your luck looking for topaz, aquamarine and beryl at O’Brien’s Creek Gemfields. Chillagoe- famous for its marble mines, Aboriginal caves and scenic areas – is accessible as a day trip. Check road conditions before setting out. Or spend a day at Innot Hot Springs – have a spa!

Gems and Minerals, Birds and Miniature Horses

See a fascinating and diverse range of minerals and gems, birds and miniature horses at the Mt Surprise Tourist Van Park and Motel. The licensed café/restaurant serves freshly ground Tablelands coffee, with dine-in or takeaway available. There is a range of accommodation to cater for all needs.

With a pool and spa set in a tropical enclosed area, you can cool off and relax, soaking any troubles away.

Amethyst available at Mt Surprise Tourist Van Park

Ancient Hot Springs

A unique new attraction on the Savannah Way, Talaroo Hot Springs unite one of outback Queensland’s most extraordinary geological wonders with the cultural experiences and hospitality of the Ewamian people.

Talaroo Hot Springs

Talaroo is a magical landscape alive with culture, nature, history and breathtaking beauty and guests are encouraged to make the most of “Talaroo time” by connecting with Ewamian traditional owners, joining the exclusive guided tours, experiencing the healing waters of the hot springs and enjoying a walk to the Einasleigh River.

If you get the chance, stay overnight in the new campground and caravan park. This is year, Talaroo is also introducing a couple of glamping tents, so check their website for news and availability if you prefer to stay in eco-luxe onsite accommodation.

Talaroo Hot Springs

A Green Oasis with a Warm Welcome

After a long day on the road, it’s a pleasure to enter the green oasis that is the Bedrock Village Caravan Park. The feeling that you’ve arrived somewhere you can relax completely is soon confirmed by the super-friendly staff who make checking in a breeze at this unique establishment.

The cabins at Bedrock Village

Home-cooked meals are served most nights during the tourist season, including wood-fired pizza. All the meals are fresh and delicious. Mingling with other like-minded guests in this lovely garden setting overlooking the pool is a great way to wind down after spending the day getting here or on a tour of the region’s attractions.

Morning tours to the Undara Lava Tubes run daily from Bedrock Village and all-day tours are run every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. On   Thursdays, you can join the Savannahlander train tour to Einasleigh and visit Copperfield Gorge and the local watering hole before afternoon tea on the Einasleigh River and returning by road.

After a tour and dinner, relax around the campfire to listen to one of the talented staff strum a few of your favourite songs, tell a yarn or a few jokes.

Fascinating Undara Lava Tubes

The phenomenon known as the Undara Lava Tubes is situated southeast of Mount Surprise and is the longest lava flow from a single volcano in the world.

It’s 190,000 years old … and piling fascination upon fascination, unusual rainforests and rare animal life have flourished where collapses of the lava shell have occurred over time. The only way to see the tubes is via a tour conducted by award-winning Savannah Guides at Undara Experience.

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